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Notice to trappers - 4/27/2021

From Tom Krause, WSTA Liaison & District 6 Director


Notice all Wyoming Trappers!

Last fall several meetings were held around the state and information was gathered from the trapping community as well as the public. The result of these meetings was draft regulations and they are available for public viewing.

As you read the new draft trapping (Chapter 4) regulations you will note they are not drastically changed from the past. The large RAM snare will be made illegal on public lands due to threats of dogs being killed. That snare requires a long spring arm and is only very rarely used in WYO due to cost and decreased efficiency. The other changes are essentially some pheasant release areas will be closed to snares and Conibear traps with jaw spreads of more than 5 inches. Foot holding traps will still be permitted in these several small areas and trappers will be able to continue to use small Conibear traps for to pursue muskrats and mink on land and in water.

We now have a game and fish group of ten qualified staff to contribute to furbearer management and public education projects. One of the major trapper concerns in the public hearings last fall was the state needs to inform the public more to help offset the false and wild claims of groups opposed to trapping.

A public education effort is already underway with messages explaining the many values of furbearer and predator management for all wildlife benefits.

You have a great invitation to participate in the several regional meetings as well as the Commissioners meeting July 13-15, 2021, in Sheridan. You may be assured those opposed to trapping will attempt to dominate the discussions and you can offset that emotional rhetoric with your knowledge and experience.

We are pleased to inform you the several WYTA Officers and Directors who have been involved in your behalf approve of the current draft trapping regulations. If you wish, you may communicate with the following via contacts: Phil Phisterer, WSTA President at 307/851-0261; Alan Sinner Vice President at photography2006@yahoo.com Jim Pearce Director and WSTA Liaison Officer jpearce@wyoming.com; and Tom Krause also Director and WSTA Liaison Officer at tkrause@wyoming.com.

All the information you need to register or attending open meetings is available at one site. Go there. Be informed. And act.

Go to https://wgfd.wyo.gov/Get-Involved/Public-Meetings. Check out the links to public meetings; Chapter 4 (Trapping) draft regulations; and consider commentary you might wish to send to the Commissioners prior to their all-important July 13-15 meeting in Sheridan.

Rest assured those who are opposed to trapping and wildlife management will make their voices heard. Thank you.